Officially named “Crossroads Fountain” this magnificently designed show is sure to dazzle every audience. Take a step back or find a seat to watch this spectacular show of choreographed water, lights and music. Sponsored by Topeka Lodging Association, the fountain show is free for every visitor to enjoy.

“The name perfectly conveys we’re at the crossroads of America, with Crossroads Fountain at the center of many attractions that will draw visitors to Evergy Plaza from around Kansas and across the country.” – Kurt Young, executive director of Topeka Lodging Association.

Splash Pad hours and Fountain show times can be found on the events calendar.

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splash pad

When on interactive mode, Crossroads Fountain has two levels where children and adults are invited to come play in the water. Levels include toddler play and interactive level. You will notice footprints around the fountains in the Plaza that are able to be stepped on to create splashes of water.

Hours vary based on event schedule and are subject to change. Additional splash pad hours are added frequently throughout the week. Splash Pad hours:

  • Sunday 12pm-5pm
  • Monday 11am-1pm & 4pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 11am-1pm
  • Wednesday 11am-1pm & 4pm-8pm
  • Thursday 11am-1pm
  • Friday 11am-1pm & 4pm-8pm

splash pad guidelines

The safety of our visitors is our top priority. Enjoy the splash pad, while following these guidelines:

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

    • Diapers are prohibited. However, swim diapers are allowed.
    • Running is prohibited.
    • The water is not for drinking.
    • Please clean up after yourself by depositing waste in the trash and recycling receptacles.

crossroads fountain show (Currently Closed)

Closed for maintenance.  Stay tuned for updates. 

When in show mode water will spray water up to 12 feet in the air from the 5 rows of jets and 3 large blast jets in the center will shoot water up to 20 feet high. Crossroads Fountain display spectacular water shows synchronized to music and multicolor lights. Please step back or find a seat away from the fountains to enjoy the show.

Crossroads Fountain Shows take place every Tuesday night at 9:00pm. Additional fountain shows are added monthly, please visit our events calendar for additional show times.

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