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rent evergy plaza

Evergy Plaza is a one-acre community gathering space on the northeast corner of 7th and Kansas Ave in Downtown Topeka. This premier outdoor venue serves as the backdrop to many community events. Throughout the year, Evergy Plaza will host community events including 5K’s, festivals, parades, concerts and a variety of programs of interest. During the summer months Evergy Plaza is home to The Crossroads Fountains which will provide visitors an interactive splash pad and spectacular water shows synchronized to music and multicolor lights. If you have questions about booking Evergy Plaza, fill out the contact form below or contact our Event Manager, Dylan Tyler, at or at 785.806.5392.

rate sheet


Full Day 8 or more hours (includes 1 hour of set-up and clean-up fees) $2,000
Half Day 2 hours included, $250 per additional hour (includes 1 hour set-up and clean-up fees) $700


Set-Up If set-up takes longer than 1 hour $100/hour
Clean-Up If clean-up takes longer than 1 hour $100/hour
Manager Personnel Event Planning, Marketing, Design, Operations $50/hour
Events Personnel Event staff during the event $25/hour
Security Required security assessed on an event by event basis $25/hour

public event rental information

Public events by organizations or individuals, must benefit the general public and should be free of charge to the public while following Evergy Plaza’s policies and procedures. All events will be assessed a rental fee dependent on duration used. If use of Evergy Plaza equipment, sound system, staffing, or other resources are required some additional charges may apply. 

rental application

contact information

Have questions about renting Evergy Plaza for your next event? Fill out the contact form above or contact our Event Manager, Dylan Tyler, at or at 785.806.5392!

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